Eskdale Granite Additions

Dan Varian has added some good new additions on the Eskdale granite. Firstly, on the Teardrop Boulder of Miterdale he added a sitter to The land of Milk and Honey. This goes at 8A and starts sitting (or kneeling depending on your height) at a poor RH pinch and a good LH sidepull, before moving rightwards into LOMAH via powerful compression and sloper moves.

Down at the Fisherground’s Wilderness area, Dan also added the following smart new problems.

Wilderness Area – just left of the Fisherground Groove:

Chuggington (7C) SDS Start low on the right side of the arête and make a tricky turn of the arête into the base of the shallow groove, before following this, keeping to the left, all the way to the top.

Thuggington (7B+) SDS Sart as per Chuggington but follow the the arête on its right side until the groove on the right can be gained and follow this to the top.

Animal Boulder:

Grain Spotting (7C+) SDS A real toughy which starts in the same position as The Lion but then veers right slightly then straight up. The stand (starting just right of The Lion) is 7C. *

Bear Good (7A+) An awkward problem which starts just over a metre right of the The Lion. Maul whatever dimples you can find and pull up!