St. Bees North Guide Released

St. Bees North - CoverIt doesn’t seem it, but it has been around 8 years since I originally created the first St. Bees Head North topo for this site, and even that was an only slightly updated version of Jim Arnold’s even older original basic topos, to the main sectors of Apiary Wall and Fisherman’s Steps.

In the intervening years since that first basic topo hit the Internet, Lake District bouldering has seen a massive growth in popularity, with the various additions of ‘new’ areas, the expansion and development of existing ones, the release, in 2006, of Rockfax’s ‘Lakes Bouldering’ guide book and of course the continued improvement and refinement of the website. Through it all however, that original basic St. Bees topo, as poor and vague as it was, remained in the top 10 downloaded topo’s (often top 5), year in year out. This points to one thing; people just can’t get enough of St. Bees Head. I won’t eulogise too much about the venue's many great plus points here, as that has been done with gusto, via the many articles, blog posts, and forum threads across the multitude of climbing media channels (not to mention in the guide I’m about to announce). All I will say, is that this crag – which in many eyes ranks right up there with Britain’s finest bouldering venues – has been crying out for a new definitive bouldering guide, so here it is...

St. Bees Head – North (10.3mb PDF)

In return for using this guide, all I ask is that you abide by all the access and parking protocols, leave the crag in a better state than that in which you found it (even if that means taking home some of the crap often left by fishermen) and most importantly be respectful to the landowners, who kindly grant easy access to this wonderful climbing venue. Also, treat the PDF guide itself with the respect it deserves and construct it, via the simple origami procedure, into a true Mini Guide – it will serve you well for many a visit.


Visit the St. Bees Head North page, for more info on the crag and gallery and video links.


-1 #3 2010-08-06 13:22
Looks like a really useful work and great to have on the lap top when touring around. Using photos is the way forward, just taken 70 gig (yes 10 dvd's) of photos for our new forthcoming guide to Fontainebleau.
0 #2 2010-08-03 16:40
Once again another fantastic looking topo! so many more problems than I was expecting, cant wait to get back!! Nice one
0 #1 2010-08-03 10:38
Excellent work Mr Chapman. Thanks again for another FREE high quality guide!
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