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Lakes Bouldering Rockfax - 2006

Lakes Bouldering: Rockfax

This guide does not cover as many areas as the LakesBloc guides but, as the name suggests, covers most of the popular areas within the Lake District National Park. There are few areas that this guide covers in more detail than LakesBloc, however, it does offer more in depth information for the Langdale Boulders, Thirlmere Boulders, Fleswick Bay Crag (although it does not cover the Fleswick Bay boulders) and Gouther Crag.

Published: 2006.

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Langdale FRCC - 2013

Langdale: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated definitive guide, offers a basic guide for the ever-popular Langdale Boulders, but is in truth is a bit of a let down. This guide has really taken a step backwards from the recent trend of covering bouldering properly in modern definitive area guides. It's missing a lot of good bouldering areas and even famous problems.

Published: 2013.

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Eden Valley & South Lakes Limestone FRCC - 2012Eden Valley & South Lakes Limestone: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated definitive guide offers some good, if for the most part select, bouldering coverage, and in fact covers a few areas not previously recorded in any guidebook or website. The most notable bouldering crags include; Armathwaite, Scratchmere Scar, Cowraik Quarry and Windmore End.

Published: 2012.

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Boulder Britain - 2011

Boulder Britain: Ape Index

In terms of covering crags within the LakesBloc coverage zone, this is one of the most inclusive guidebooks available (albeit a select offering of climbs). That said, whilst it’s a useful guide to own, it’s a slightly pointless purchase it you’re after something predominantly for use in the Lakes and surrounding areas, as you can download (for free) much more definitive in depth guides for all the areas included via this site.

Published: 2011.

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Eastern Crags FRCC - 2011Eastern Crags: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated definitive guide, offers a fairly thin selection of problems to the Carrock Fell boulders, as well as slightly better coverage of Badger Rock and the Garburn Pass Boulder of Kentmere.

Published: 2011.

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Lake District Rock FRCC - 2003Lake District Rock: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated selective guide, offers decent topos and descriptions for the Bowderstone and Langdale Boulders.

Published: 2003.

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Buttermere & St. Bees FRCC - 2008Buttermere & St Bees: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated definitive guide, offers a disappointingly small selection of problems at St. Bees Head - North (Apiary Wall only), as well as most of the excellent, if mainly easier boulder problems along the base (Pass Boulders) of Honister Pass.

Published: 2008.

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Borrowdale FRCC - 2000Borrowdale: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated definitive guide, has an extensive, if out of date, section covering the Bowderstone. Worth checking out if only for some of the old school eliminates not recorded in other guides.

Published: 2000.

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Langdale FRCC - 1999Langdale: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated definitive guide, offers a basic overview topo for the ever popular Langdale Boulders.

Published: 1999.

This guide is now OUT OF PRINT.




Buttermere & Eastern Crags FRCC - 1992

Buttermere & Eastern Crags: FRCC

This predominantly routes orientated definitive guide, offers a good selection of problems on Badger Rock (Kentmere). It has been superseded by two newer guides - 'Buttermere & St. Bees' and the imminent 'Eastern Crags' (see above), both by the FRCC.

Published: 1992.

This guide is now OUT OF PRINT.




The Lakes Rockfax - 1994

The Lakes: Rockfax

This predominantly routes orientated select guide centred on much of the more sport orientated climbing in the Lakes. It was one of the first guides to offer a more extensive selection of bouldering, however this still focussed on the traditional venues of Badger Rock (Kentmere), the Langdale Boulders, the Bowderstone.

Published: 1994.

This guide is now OUT OF PRINT.

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