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At long last, the development of the bouldering circuit described here (along with the Seathwaite Circuit on the other side of the valley), means the picturesque Duddon Valley is now a viable option for the boulderer seeking more than esoteric day out combing the hillside for far-flung gems.

The Dunnderdale Circuit is a collection of around 20 blocks and walls situated either side of the large bridleway, which leaves Birk Bridge car park at the northern end of the valley, and contours (in meandering fashion) up the southeast flanks of Harter Fell. There are three distinct sectors (all easily accessed from the track), with the first blocks starting a mere 300m from the parking and the furthest block being around 2.5km from the car park... although it is one of the best!


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Further Information
  • Rock Type: Rhyolite/Andesites
  • Best Range: 6C+/V5 to 7B/V8

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