About Us

About UsLakesBloc is a non-profit organisation that has been run by a single individual (albeit with lots of great input from various individuals) since 2003, with the sole aim to provide the very best in FREE online information relating to bouldering in the Lake District National Park (UK) and surrounding areas.

This site is NOT a means of employment or even a source of income for the individual involved – the site is entirely operated, edited and updated in the site owner’s spare time. So please bear this in mind when you contact the site for information or to report relevant updates.

Over the last year or so we have managed to obtain the backing of a site sponsor (Rock + Run), which helps pay for the upkeep of the site (servers, internet etc.) as well as assisting in the costs associated with producing new guides/topos (petrol, stationary etc.).  If you enjoy using this website please consider supporting the site sponsor, as without their assistance (especially in the current financially hostile climate) the site would struggle to survive.

Thank you for your support,


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